Don’t Miss Thanksgiving

Honestly, it makes me sad when I run into the craft store to pick up supplies for Advent Calendars and all the Christmas decor is out. Last night as I was checking out the cashiers were already donning reindeer antlers and Santa Hats! Even though I am busy promoting and creating a “Christmas product” all through the months of October and November (out of necessity because you need to have it by December 1st and I can’t make all of them the day after Thanksgiving), I LOVE Thanksgiving. I cherish Thanksgiving, and I hate it when we miss out on the blessing of gratitude. Giving thanks to God dissolves so many of the ugly things in our hearts: selfishness, lack of giving, discontentment, greed, covetousness, frustration. All these things can be fought with an “attitude of gratitude” as the saying says.

So, I just wanted to take a moment to remind you that Thanksgiving is only a week away. Don’t forget to stop and enjoy reflecting on all the things God has given you and worshiping Him for His great grace and kindness!

Here’s a recap of our family’s Thanksgiving tradition that I shared about last year. You can make it out of stuff from home or the craft store for $0-$10.00. I promise it will become priceless as the years go by!


I still remember that first Thanksgiving we spent together….it was our first major holiday since our wedding in May. I wanted it to be special, with something unique we could do year after year. And I wanted it to set our eyes on the Savior.

So here is our simple Thanksgiving Box. I usually call it our “Blessing Box.”  If you are a newlywed looking for a special tradition to start your marriage off, I think you’ll find this especially fitting for you! But I also think that it is easily adaptable for singles, and for families with older children. All you need is an archival photo box (at your craft store for $1.99-$3.99) a sheet of letter stickers (or great handwriting and a marker or paints), and a few pages of printer paper or stationary. Let’s just say you can pull this one off for well under $10.00.

Here’s our box:


And here’s what we do: Every Thanksgiving (often a few days after the business of family visits is over) my husband and I sit down together with a sheet from the box and write down what we would like to thank God for from the entire past year. When we are finished, we close our letters and DO NOT READ THEM TO EACH OTHER. Then we pull out the letters from all of the past years and read them together and reflect on all of the amazing and gracious things the Lord has done for us. We each especially look forward to hearing what the other person chose to right about from last Thanksgiving since we do not share it with each other at that time. It is a very special and intimate time. We hope to introduce our children gradually into this tradition as each one of them becomes old enough to write and express his or her own thoughts on paper. But for now, we cherish these moments together as a couple. As we accumulate more notes through the years, I am sure we will have to spread out the reading over several days. I think that sounds like a wonderful opportunity leading up to Thanksgiving Day!