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Welcome to Heart FELT Truths and the Holy Week/Easter Banner page. If you are looking for a Christ-centered family tradition for celebrating Easter or a special tool to teach your children events in the Bible about Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection then you have come to the right place! Our Easter Banner is a very unique tool for Christian families of young children (approximately ages 2-8) to use during their Easter or Lent celebrations.

Who is the Easter Banner for?

Children from preschool through second grade is the target age range for this product’s devotionals, but families with a larger age range of children will find this very adaptable. *Heart FELT Truth’s hopes to create additional devotionals and symbols for use with the banner targeted at older children in the future.

How is the Easter Banner used?

Starting with Palm Sunday there is a symbol (or two) to add to the banner along with an introduction, Scripture Text, and discussion to use. Each day’s devotional takes less than 15 minutes and is perfect for a family worship setting. Keep reading the picture captions below to learn about the special way that this Easter Banner teaches about the resurrection between Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday.  If you would like more info and photos on the Easter Banner you can also view this product review from I Can Teach My Child.

Easter Banner with all symbols added

On Good Friday nails are placed in the cross, a wrapped body is placed in the tomb at the bottom of the banner, and a black piece is pulled over the banner display.

Children wake up to an empty tomb and the new banner display reading “He is Risen!” on Easter Sunday. This is a special way to bring meaning to your family’s Easter celebration and teach children about why we celebrate Easter.

In our Etsy Store you will find all of the following products:

  • Complete Easter Banner Packet (includes banner, hanging dowel, instructions and story text packet, and felt pieces)
  • Easter Banner DIY KIT (banner, hanging dowel, instructions and story text packet) with DIY patterns and felt supplies for making your own felt pieces
  • Easter Felt Symbols Packet (Symbols similar to those used with the Easter Banner that can be used on a plane felt board or flannel board–great for Sunday School or teaching tools.)

Below you will find a document with patterns to create your own felt symbols to learn about Easter. These are great for using in Sunday School settings or with your kids at home.  Sorry, but we do not have patterns/instructions for making the actual banner or the devotional/discussion texts. If you would like a beautiful Easter Banner and devotional text to use as a family tradition, please check out our Etsy Shop!

We hope you’ll sign-up to follow our blog (in the sidebar on the right) for updates on how to use the Easter Banner and other ways to celebrate Easter in your home… and occasional discounts too! We hope you’ll enjoy this Easter Activity and other Christian family activities as well!

Here are the links to our free instructions and patterns. If you choose to share these on your web site or blog (and we hope you will!), please link to this page and not directly to the pdf files themselves. Thanks so much!



Pieces included in the patterns packet (flat felt piece for wrapped body is also included but not pictured below):

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