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  2. I saw your Holy Week Easter Banner on the “I can teach my child” site. I would like to buy a banner for my grandsons. Would you tell me how to place an order?
    A wonderful idea and Banner! I made an Advent Tree for my children years ago, we still use it each Christmas. I have now made the Advent Tree, similar to your Banner for my grandsons. Thank you for sharing your craft! This will be their Easter gift .

  3. Thank you for generously sharing your patterns. I plan to enlarge your design to cover an entire wall in our Sunday School room. Our pieces will not be made of felt, but your design is perfect! May the Lord bless you and yours.

  4. When you have this hanging up all during December with little ones about, how do you keep them from peeking into and/or taking out items from the other pockets? I can usually trust mine but it might be too much of a temptation if it is always at a reachable level. Thanks!

    • If possible, you can hang it out of reach. I did not add pockets to our calendar until the kids were a little bigger, so the pieces were kept up, besides the ones we already had on the calendar, and they were allowed to play with those. Depending on how little yours are, it can be a good opportunity to learn boundaries and self control: Only play with the pieces that are out, and do not take things out of the pockets. Our kids take turns each night with who gets to take the piece out and put it on. Perhaps a child who removes a piece early will loose their next turn in the evening.

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