Thank you for visiting Heart FELT Truths. Just like you, we are parents that are passionate about teaching our children the greatness of God! Each age and stage in a child’s life presents wonderful opportunities for obtaining new knowledge and wisdom. Heart FELT Truths focuses on the great capacity for learning and memorizing concrete facts in the early stages of a child’s life. Hands-on repetitive learning is a fun and functional way to teach our children the Word of God, and we have found that using felt characters for story-telling and memorization is a great tool for toddlers and young children.

We have three young children in our home and all of our products come directly from the traditions, activities, and lessons we are teaching them. It is our sincere hope and prayer that as we share these traditions and teaching aids with you, that your family will be blessed by interacting with the truths of God’s Word.


Jimmy & Whitney
Heart FELT Truths

(photo by Lisa Knorr)

We love to hear from our customers and those of you who have used our free resources! Please drop us an e-mail with your feedback and your ideas: standlea(at )gmail ( dot)   com.


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