Easter Season at HFT!

During the silence since Easter we have enjoyed our wonderful Missouri winter [read 70 degrees one afternoon and a snowstorm the next!], busy days coupled with homeschooling and attending our university model school set up, and new extracurricular activities for my children. The increased demands at home and with my children’s schooling have reduced my productivity level of items for my shop–I’ve just been too busy helping my daughter hand-sewn felt sharks and kitty cats. For those of you who have continued to follow Heart FELT Truths through the seasons, please note that this year through Easter and Christmas I am only maintaining items in my Etsy Shop that are ready to ship. Once I sell out of something, I am out! I have remaining inventory from Christmas, and a few Easter items, and am attempting to get some more Easter Banners completed. That means that this year’s sells for Easter and Advent are on a first-come-first-serve basis. I hope that many of you will still take advantage and enjoy celebrating Easter with your children in this special way! Here is the timeline for this year’s Easter Season:

Easter Sunday:  April 5

Palm Sunday: March 29    ***Palm Sunday is the day you begin using the Easter Banner.

Order by Date for guaranteed delivery by Palm Sunday: March 25th



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