My Pieces Aren’t Sticking!

A good friend of mine has used a Heart FELT Truths Advent Calendar in her classroom at school the past few years. This year I made her a new pocketed backdrop and she began using it in class this month. She asked me today, “Why aren’t the pieces sticking?” This is a great question, and may be some of you are having trouble at home with this. Here are some solutions:

  1. Location: Do you have your banner hanging where people are constantly walking by or an air vent is blowing on it?
  2. Smoothness: Is your banner hanging flat against a surface? You don’t want the banner to be curving or bent. Consider adding a 3M adhesive to the bottom to make it lie flat against whatever surface you have it on.
  3. Fuzziness: This is probably the most important. Felt clings to felt because of its fibrous nature. I handle tons of felt and every color and ever ream of every color has a different feel. Some felt comes off the bolt fuzzy and soft, while the next one is plasticy and hard. You can increase the fuzziness of your backdrop by loosening the fibers. Use a comb, baby comb, scratch pad, or your finger nails and gently rub the felt to loosen the fibers up. This will make it “stickier.”

I hope if you are having problems that this helps!


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