Final Sale!!

Because you need to have your Advent Calendar ready to go by December 1, a Black Friday or Cyber Monday Sale doesn’t do our customers any good here at Heart FELT Truths. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we are offering a special sale and orders placed during this time will ship by Friday morning to arrive in time for your Advent kick off on December 1st!. ** Below are our coupon codes for the sale:


15% off any purchase of $15.00 or more (get 15% off on DIY Kits and completed Advent Calendars)
Coupon Code:  15off15
Expires Wednesday at Midnight (CST) November 26th


$20.00 off on our Heart FELT Truths Deluxe pocketed Advent Calendar
Coupon Code: 20offDeluxe
Expires Wednesday at Midnight (CST) November 26th

Use these coupon codes in our Etsy Shop. Enjoy!

**This does not apply to International Orders. The USPS does not guarantee shipping times. Our orders ship Priority Mail which arrives within 2 days 99% of the time so your orders should show up by the end of the day on December 1st.


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