A Yummy Compliment to your Easter Sunday Breakfast


Sunday mornings are very busy at my house and we do not do special breakfasts. However, I got ambitious and tried these Empty Tomb Rolls last year on Easter Sunday. I knew I was asking for trouble when we had the Easter Banner to do as a family and the extra fancies of dressing for a holiday, but it went so well that I had to recommend it to you! Here is what we did:

When the kids woke up, the Easter Banner and the ingredients for the Empty Tomb Rolls were all laid out (Very low prep: prepackaged crescent rolls, butter, sugar and cinnamon). First we went in the kitchen and reviewed how Jesus was crucified and buried in the tomb as we made the rolls together. My boys were 2 and 4 and were able to help.IMG_1636We talked through the things listed in the link above and popped the rolls into the oven. While the rolls cooked, we then went over to our Easter Banner. There we celebrated the good news that Jesus is Risen! After reading and singing together we went back into the kitchen and had an immediate review with our breakfast: What happened when the disciples came to find Jesus’ body? He wasn’t there! He was alive! And our yummy breakfast was a beautiful picture of this truth.


It was such a fun and easy compliment to our time together that morning. And sugar, after all, has a powerful affect on a child’s memory. The first day we did our Easter Banner this year my oldest son asked, “And are we going to get the dough and roll the marshmallows and cover it with sugar and then the marshmallow is gone just like Jesus’ body!” He had remembered it so well.



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