Using the Easter Banner with toddlers and preschoolers

Many of you will be using the Heart FELT Truths Easter Banner with children under the age of five. I would highly recommend pulling your banner out today and starting it with your family in the next few days! By using a schedule like the one below, you can repeat each of the stories twice. Also, if you started it early, it gives you some wiggle room if you miss a day. This greatly helps reinforce the key ideas and familiarize your child with new words and events that might be new. As you probably know, repetition is key at these young ages! So get ready, get set, and go EARLY!IMG_1592

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Easter Banner Repetition Schedule

March 19-Day 1
March 20-Day 1
March 21-Day 2
March 22-Day 2
March 23-Day 3
March 24-Day 3
March 25-Day 4
March 26-Day 4
March 27-Day 5
March 28-Day 5
March 29-Day 6
March 30-Day 7
March 31-Day 8


4 responses

    • Stephanie, there should be one small slit in the cross for each nail-sometimes you have to run your fingernail over it to find it. I place the nails into their slits, but they do not poke through the other side of the felt. More precisely: the nail fits in between the brown cross and the backing of the banner, with the nail head visible from the outside.

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