Setting the Stage: First Thoughts on Using your Advent Calendar

Some of you may be wondering where to begin when introducing the Heart FELT Truth’s Advent Calendar into your home this Christmas season. Let’s talk a little about introducing the calendar into daily family life.

In our home, our Advent Calendar is part of our family worship time. (Most) every evening throughout year we have a short time with our young children called “Family Worship.” We sit together on the couch and Daddy prays. Then we read a short passage of Scripture and the rest of the family members pray. Afterward we sing a song or two. It takes about 10-15 minutes. At Christmas time we start using our Advent Calendar in addition to these things. For our Scripture reading, we will often read the Scripture passages that correspond to whatever is mentioned in the Advent Calendar, and we select Christmas songs to sing for the month (more on that coming soon!).

If your family currently has a time of Bible reading and prayer together, you will find it easy to incorporate the Advent Calendar. If this is new to your family, you will find the Advent Calendar a great way to establish this beneficial habit in your family year round. Even with the business of the holiday season, your children will help you remember “Family Worship Time” because they will be very eager to add the next piece to the calendar. Here are some thoughts:

  • Pick a consistent time when everyone is usually home (right after dinner or right before bed work well in our family)
  • Pick a comfy place without too many distractions. Make sure your Advent Banner is hung nearby
  • Don’t worry if you miss a day! You can catch up tomorrow.
  • If your kids are especially little like ours (4, 3, 1), keep prayers and Scripture reading short.
  • Children may be wiggly at first, but they will learn quickly if you are consistent.

I would encourage you to go ahead and hang the plain backdrop of your Advent Banner up. If your child is older, their curiosity can build leading up to December 1 when you begin using it!

More helpful posts coming soon! If you have questions, please send them my way ( and I will try to answer them.


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