Hooray! Hooray! A Giveaway!

I hope you will jump over to I Can Teach My Child for an Advent Calendar giveaway this week and a coupon code for everyone who doesn’t win! I Can Teach My Child is a favorite blog of mine providing resources and teaching tools for moms of tots and preschoolers, and I am honored to have Jenae review my products for this community of women! So head on over, check out her review, and enter the giveaway!



Have you enjoyed our products in your home? Have you benefited from our free patterns? I have posted a bit on Facebook about two grant contests that you can vote in for Heart FELT Truths. I would like to mention briefly that these grant contests would enable Heart FELT Truths to purchase a machine to increase the variety of products we make and lower the cost of production. It would also allow us to expand our efforts into sending free resources and products to missionaries and orphanages that can’t afford to purchase them. If you would like to vote, you can leave a comment for Heart FELT Truth’s at the Love and Local Business contest or the FED Ex Small Business Competition (Fed Ex allows daily voting). Thank you for taking a few moments to cast a vote.


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