What’s new? Heart FELT Truths’ Christmas Season begins

As we are now underway on the busy Christmas Season at Heart FELT Truth’s, I thought it appropriate to give an update on what is happening around here and what’s new for this year’s Christmas Season.

Last year marked Heart FELT Truth’s debut with our Advent Calendar. After searching many hours for Noel Piper’s “Noel Calendar” (which is no longer made), I finally made my own version. After enjoying it so much as a family, I posted the patterns online. Many women in a situation similar to my own were very excited to find the patterns. As Christmas 2011 approached, I bought some extra supplies at the craft store and decided to open up an Etsy Shop for busy moms who couldn’t find the time to make one. I bought supplies to make and sell four calendars last year. Twenty-five sales later, we deemed it a success and prepared a little better for our kick-off Easter season with the Heart FELT Truth’s Easter banner. This year we are a little more prepared and would love to share with you what’s happening around here!

Updated Design
We have slightly modified our calendar design. Some slight alterations in our story text have changed. This has eliminated the use of one of the two donkeys found in the 2011 banner. Two attached angels from the 2011 banner have been separated to fit the new story and maintain 25 distinct pieces. We also changed our cow pattern. I do think he is a lot cuter now! You can see the cow with my son in the photo below.

Updated Patterns, Instructions, and Photos
Minor changes with the design meant new, new, new! We added beautiful new product photos and our instructions and patterns have been updated to match. You can find our free patterns over on the Advent Calendar section of the blog by clicking here.

NEW Product!
To help out those on a budget (and those with a knack for crafts), we have added the DIY Advent Calendar kit. This kit saves you a trip to the craft store, and the sewing for the backdrop has already been completed for you.

We look forward to partnering with many of you as you teach your children about the birth of Christ. We will continue to post reminders, resources and recommendations on the blog to help your family celebrate Advent in a Christ-centered way. If you would like to stay up-to-date on these things, please subscribe to our e-mail updates in the sidebar to your right. Or you can like us on Facebook (just be sure to select that our posts show in your newsfeed!) We are blessed to be a part of your family in this way!


Whitney Standlea


6 responses

  1. This is wonderful! I’ll be sharing about your advent calendar at our women’s ministry early Christmas event this year, so I hope some of our ladies will be in touch to place an order after that. Thank you for your ministry!!!

  2. Do you still have patterns posted online? I have been looking for some good ways to explore the Christmas story with my two-year-old this year, and felt seems like an excellent medium. If they are posted somewhere, would you mind sending the link?

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