Childhood Mission Memories

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I grew up going to a church program called Girls in Action (or G.A.’s). One of my favorite memories from GA’s was an annual event called “Christmas in August.” We would have a special focus missionary that we would gather gifts for and then mail them overseas during the month of August. This gave the gifts plenty of time to arrive for Christmas. One year we gathered school type supplies for a foreign missionary to distribute. All of the girls came over to my mom’s house for a big Christmas party in the heat of summer. We packaged up the goodies and sent them off in boxes with handmade cards, complete with Christmas wrapping!

August first we will kick off our first Christmas in August pre-order sale which will give you the opportunity to minister to missionaries that you care about! I look forward to sharing more with you soon.


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  1. “Childhood Mission Memories | heart FELT truths”
    was in fact a splendid blog, can’t wait to look over more
    of ur postings. Time to waste a little time on the internet haha.

    I appreciate it ,Kurt

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