Family Devotional Times and your Easter Banner

So, you received your banner in the mail and are waiting for Palm Sunday to arrive. Have you set a time aside each day for your family to gather around the Word and learn together? Let me encourage you to use your Easter Banner as a stepping stone to regular family devotional times. As you set aside a time each day during Holy Week to read and discuss Scripture, it is a great platform to establishing a regular habit for your family.

Family worship time doesn’t have to have a fancy Banner or visual aid each day! It can be very simple, just 15 minutes! Sing a hymn together, read a passage of Scripture and briefly discuss its meaning with the children. Then pray together for one another and for others. Check this out for thoughts on overcoming obstacles to regular family time.

Also, a big thank you today for Motherhood on a Dime sharing out Easter patterns! Motherhood on a Dime provides excellent resources for thrifty parenting. You can see more Easter ideas on their site here.


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