It’s Here! Check out our new Easter Banner

Head on over to our Etsy shop to check out photos and an item description of our new Easter Banner. I’ll post more information on the blog soon. Order by Sunday evening (1/29/12 at midnight) to receive 15% off your order with the coupon code: PREVIEWSALE


4 responses

    • Kim, That’s a great question-with a complicated answer. I’d appreciate more feedback from you and others on this. I do not plan to post *free patterns* for the Easter Banner this year. I have considered the idea of selling a kit on Etsy to make them. There are several factors that play into whether or not to do the kits, and I would love to hear your opinion…

      The banners are difficult to make without a rotary cutter and a 36″ cutting mat. I don’t know how many people keep a cutting mat that size laying around. I’ve considered selling kits with the large banner pieces pre-cut… which would just leave sewing, trimming, and then cutting the simple felt pieces. A kit of this kind would sell for approximately $20.00. It would include supplies that are a bit expensive to buy individually (dowel rod with caps and felt letters).

      Also, for those who don’t want to sew, I’ve considered selling pre-made banners with instructions and supplies for making the pieces. Because most of the work is sewing and preparing the banner, it wouldn’t save the buyer a very significant amount of money.

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